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February 08, 2007


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Can't wait to see more pics of Henry.


What a nice head of hair on that baby!


LOL!! What a handsome little boy!


seriously. I am CRYING laughing here.
Those boy babies....
well...let's put it this way, in my vast experience as a boy and girl mama...the boy baby-not such a big fan of sleep....still...
He'll be 5 next month.
I hope that isn't a quality all boys share..


Congratulations on your new baby boy! Life is very interesting with 3. :)

(I came by way of Colleen...)


Ok, I've just got to say it: That baby looks waaaaaay older than 2 days old. No wonder Kate was in such agony.

Just remember to 'point that thing down' when diapering. That's a mistake you won't make more than once.


yes, pointing it south is VERY important - learned that the hard way one too many times!!!! both of my boys are good sleepers - it just took a little while for them to get the hang of "being on the outside" and life to settle in... i'm sure all will be fine soon! especially when i come over to snuggle him for HOURS!!!! how are the girls doing with the little man around???

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